BLVD Companies was founded by Jon Blanchard and Nicolo Rusconi in 2009 with a mission to change the way that businesses and customers interact with one another and the world around them. BLVD has since focused on developing real estate and hospitality ventures that aim to disrupt long-institutionalized market segments through innovative design and development, efficient operating platforms, and a meticulous attention to what guests, customers, friends, and family deserve in the businesses they frequent. Here at BLVD, our family comes first. And through that, the love and passion for what we do shines through. That’s how Walt did it. That’s how we do it. And it’s worked out pretty well so far.



Each individual has their own experiences, their own desires, and their own interests. Our mission at BLVD is to create companies that elevate those experiences, fulfill those desires, and expand those interests. We yearn to create new, higher points of reference for our customers and guests in whatever field we venture into and to raise their expectations for what is possible.

745 Merchant St.
Los Angeles, CA.